A brief of us in english

Mynet is an operating branch of the brand Mnet s.r.l. (Mantua Net), a privately owned company founded in 1995 in Mantua, Lombardy region, northern Italy.

Unlike most of ISP (Internet Service Provider) operators that resells mostly leased from incumbent or thirty party operators network, Mynet is a real operator with very own network, consisting of more than 24.000km of fibers and thousands of customers directly connected in FTTH; all of our network and services are monitored 24h/365 by our very own NOC (Network Operations Center), and all provisioning & assurance of owned network segments developed in fiber, copper or microwave are in charge by two groups of our very own technician, with fully owned equipment (splicers, spectrum analyzers, xDSL and SDH analyzers, OTDRs, ..).

In the italian context of telecomunication market, where both lowest level VISPs and “bigger name” telcos share the common denominator of “Dine and Ditch” (mostly known locally as “Eat and Flee”), Mynet have a vision for sustainable services for sustainable prices, that can let us increase our network (that’s today what common referenced as “medium infrastructured network”) and quality of services.

Every month we dig and/or lay not less than 40km of fiber, mostly in northern Italy, and we are currently the best medium sized landline operator of northern Italy.

Last mile wholesale

We are always interested in quality, bilateral interconnect/wholesale agreements, specifically in Europe. If you want to discuss interconnects or termination services in Italy, contact us.

Abuses from our network (AS31263)

Unlike most others ISPs, we have filters constantly updated on cores and edges of all our network in order to make impossible for our customer to use spoofed source IP, thus making fairly easy to spot & stop abusers. For any abuse matters, please drop a email to our NOC.